For the Trade

Hendry Publishing was founded and is owned by Stephen Bentley and his wife, Zabrina. It was formerly known as Bentley Sabrine Books. It is a legal trading name  registered with the DTI Philippines. Since the original formation, Stephen and Zabrina have formed a UK limited company: Hendry Publishing Ltd – Registered in England and Wales: Company Number 13486229
Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU.

The company’s original purpose was to act as the imprint for many of Stephen Bentley’s books. To facilitate that, Hendry Publishing obtained the relevant ISBNs from the National Library in Manila, Philippines. Though Stephen is from the UK, he is now a permanent resident in the Philippines.

However, since UK incorporation, the limited company acts as the legal entity for all of Stephen’s book related and writing activities including publishing books written by Stephen and other authors. The ISBNs for those books published by Hendry Publishing Ltd from July 2021 onwards, will be issued by the UK ISBN Agency – Nielsen ISBN Book Store.

A Hendry Publishing catalogue will soon be available for full details of books written by Stephen Bentley now in print versions and available through both retailers and distributors as well as book wholesalers.

Stephen is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and adheres to all good practices in book quality control to ensure a satisfactory experience for all whether booksellers or readers.

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For Readers and Retail

If you are a reader, as opposed to someone from the book industry, all retail outlets for books by Stephen may be found on his author website here.

All of his eBooks will continue to be sold on Amazon and other retail platforms. His print books will also be available on Amazon with some also for sale by other major retailers.

Indie Authors

Hendry Publishing offers certain services for indie authors. They include:

  • Formatting of both eBooks and print books
  • Cover Design
  • Graphic Design for Social Media
  • Illustrations for covers or book interiors

Please contact us at info@hendrypublishing.com to get more details and a quotation.

We are now also accepting submissions. Please check the Submissions page for full details.