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Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story

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ISBN 978-621-96190-3-5  4th ed. Paperback

ISBN 978-621-96190-2-8  Hardbound

ISBN 978-621-96190-4-2 Large Print paperback

Extract from the AI Sheet

A gripping and fascinating true story of Britain’s biggest drugs bust and now adapted to be a feature film. Forget ‘Breaking Bad,’ truth can be stranger than fiction and the most surreal drug cartel story of all time took place over 40 years ago in rural Mid-Wales and London.

Operation Julie has achieved an almost mythical status in British Twentieth-Century popular social culture even inspiring a song by the Clash – ‘Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad.’

In March 1978, at the culmination of Operation Julie, fifteen defendants, including doctors, research chemists, a writer, and “professional” drug dealers were sentenced to a combined total of one hundred and twenty-four years imprisonment.

Operation Julie is still today the point of reference for all British undercover operations and training. In 2011, the BBC claimed this massive and unique police operation was the start of the war on drugs.

About the author
Stephen Bentley is a former UK Detective Sergeant, a pioneering undercover cop, and a former barrister. He now writes in retirement in the Philippines where he resides. He is an occasional contributor to Huffington Post UK. Stephen also writes crime fiction.

“Undercover Operation Julie – The Inside Story,’ documents everyday life of undercover work as the author, Stephen Bentley, won the confidence of the gang members. Bentley tells in his book how he built a ‘perfect’ relationship with Smiles, an important gang member. But this friendship almost undermined the whole operation.” –
Dominic Blake, BBC News England.


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