We Are Accepting Submissions

With or Without an Agent

Detectives Wanted!

You may be a former detective with a story to tell.

You may be a victim or a relative of a victim of a horrendous crime and you also have a story to tell which currently no one is hearing or reading.

Undercover tales and serial killers are my strength, but I am willing to consider any great story in the true crime genre.

We will also consider crime fiction submissions as long as they are fast-paced thrillers and preferably either the start of a series or you intend writing a series.

Your true crime story is ideally set in the United Kingdom, or possibly the United States, Canada or Australia.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines for your submission. For true crime nonfiction collaborations with Stephen Bentley,  in the first instance and in strict confidence, use the contact form below and in about 2000 words tell us something about you, your story in outline, and why you think it would make a great book.

For crime fiction, please send a synopsis and the first three chapters and tell us a bit about you and we will get back to you if we need a full manuscript of your book.

Following that and if the story is of interest, a publishing contract will be sent to you for your signature before any work is undertaken. If you hear nothing from us after 3 months, I’m sorry but your proposal has not been successful.